last night i had hot eyeballs. that's an uncomfortable feeling, you know, hot eyeballs.

i've been sick. i am sick. i caught something at the end of january (according to my last post, it was the twenty-second. hrm.) which turned into an ear infection. for which i was taking antibiotics and getting better. i thought i was pretty much awesome. good to go.

but i woke up last wednesday with another fever. i went to work for about an hour, to cover for a co-worker who went to hawaii, and thought if i got a couple hours of sleep i'd be able to make it to my other job that afternoon. i slept and when i made it into (runner job) work they'd already given up hope on my appearing (no blame there) and gave my errands to the office manager. at that point i still had a fever. a chest burning cough. and the boss told me i'd be better off going home. so i home i went.

it feels like i spent a week watching daytime television. when really it was only all of thursday. i found myself flipping between tyra and rachael ray. with "teens in the sex trade" and "teenage cosmetic surgery" as their respective themes. coincidence? i'm not sure.

i tried to sleep but it just wouldn't happen. i drank tea with valerian root. i looked up "fever help" on the internet. i took some baths. and watched television. i got some sleep here and there, and on friday i felt better. i even worked on friday.

but friday night, my eyeballs went hot. another fever. it was frustrating. i haven't had fevers like this in a long time. since i was a little kid, i think. i don't know. i remember when i was young a friend of my sister's had a fever and went all delirious and tried to cut the stereo cord with a pair of metal scissors. they called her "sparky" after that. i kept thinking of that. i took aspirin. i took another lukewarm bath. i looked up more home remedies for fevers on the internets. (coat your feet with vegetable oil and rub them with garlic. stick garlic in your ears. uhm. more stuff with garlic. apparently it's more magical than i thought. and i thought it was pretty magical.)

i make a pretty sad shut in.

i spent my friday night with lewis and clark. me and ken burns and the corps of discovery. i also found out that saturn's close to the earth right now. in opposition to the sun, the closest and most visible that it will be for quite some time. because it's in opposition to the sun, this means it rises as the sun sets and at midnight it's pretty much straight up in the sky. check it out. visible to the naked eye but with a telescope you can see the rings. or so the television says.

but. my saturday has been pretty fever free. i did the dishes and cleaned off my kitchen table. i watched gone with the wind (why did i not remember pretty much the entire second half of that movie? how could i forget about bonnie blue?) and even left the house to have dinner. and while my eyeballs are sore, they are not hot.

so. keep your fingers crossed for a fever free sunday and a future of cool eyeball days.


IS204math said…
Are your eyeballs still feeling better? I hate the hot eyeball feeling more than anything... and then you start crying, and I never know if Im crying for real, or my eyes are just leaking from burning. Or Both. i think everyone in the northwest is sick right now, has been in the last two weeks, or will be in the next two, so at least you didn't miss the party. :-)

Eric is in the literacy classes now - at Wilder. They redid them since we took them though. I won't publicly comment on my opinion of the revisions. Luckily it ends next week.
Quintero Jenn said…
that's funny - i have almost no idea whatsoever why I came up as is204math... I know it's one of my old google groups, but I havent signed in to that in like a year... weird...
So Im posting again so you know who i am. :-)

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