it was sunny today with a wind that carried quite a bite. a walk with a pal organized and executed within ten minutes made for reason enough to get out in the chilled air.

i am looking forward to warm sunshine.

yesterday i sat in a local restaurant's rooftop seating area in the sun. while having a few of my favorite locally brewed beers, i caught a glimpse of the future. i saw rooftop beers in hot summer weather, wearing sandals and sunglasses. it is definitely something to look forward to.

i finally picked up my bicycle today and rode around the neighborhood. it was being held onto during the moving madness and had its tires pumped up. i am a big fan of the first ride of bicycle season (yes, i am a fairweather two-wheeler) and while i kinda wished i had a pair of gloves on, it was pretty awesome.

today was the kind of good sunday that included a nice walk, a bike ride and a handful of photos made.


shavizzle said…
here's to a long summer of all of those things and much much more.

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