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this was taken on golconda summit.. (please click on that and go there. pretty cool panorama taken from where i was. there's also a lot more...) i have other more.. scenic.. photos.. i'll post them sometime. i'm going to upload them onto flickr.. it's nice to get up on a nevadan mountaintop every once in a while. i think it's good for the soul.


i think this weekend might include some trips around town to take photos. the weather should be pretty great, and i need the fresh air. i also have to write a paper on the dynamics of social reproduction/social inequality. (using the text Ain't No Makin' it: Aspirations and Attainment in a Low-Income Neighborhood by Jay McLeod..) i actually have some other choices of what to focus on.. other essay questions i can answer.. but i haven't looked them all over yet.. but it's due on tuesday.. this class is sociocultural concerns in education.. but it's turned out to be mostly just a sociology class.. we rarely talk about the education side of it.. we only touch on that because the books we're read are usually ethnographies about different schools.. but we rarely discuss the educational aspects of it.. or what we're learning about our own educational philosophies or teaching styles or blah blah blah.. i'm tired of sociology.. heh.. i'm tired of listening to this one dude in our class talk about how great wal-mart is and how it gives everyone opportunities to work part-time jobs and how great it is that his pal works there. (in that condescending isn't it cute that the poor person has a job? sort of way.) the class makes me tired.



that's. where you'll find me now. i guess.


Anonymous said…
Nice panorama! I dont know why, but I always liked those quicktime VR panoramas. :)
transplant said…
What was that warning sign in front of?

Nothing makes me want to hop a chain link fence more than a warning sign featuring the words loss of human life.
Zach said…
Amen. God Bless. [ha!]

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