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i've been twice disappointed by the digital cd version of my film taken into walgreen's. this is one of them. it's better than most. but still not great. they usually end up grainy and ungood. too bad this isn't a better picture overall. i do like it though. the chair. hm.

i stayed up late last night finishing an exam. it turned out to be thirteen pages, printed. a girl said to me today when turning them in "wow. that's thick." i told her thanks and yawned. it was a pretty thoughtless assignment. mostly regurgitation of text. i tried to make it as thoughtful as i could stand without being too taxing.. hehe..

well. i just stopped by the ol' casa to grab something to eat. i'm off again on deliveries. on again off again. ha.


Anonymous said…
i really like that picture actually- especially in cahoots with the zzzz title. I think it's really great and perfect the way it's kind of blurry.

anyway- those my thoughts

Bill Punkoney said…
Hi, I don't have much to say about the picture...I too am still enjoying the rigors of school, if you can believe it I am still at ACI...well I thought I would drop you a line, and I have...Take Care.
Zach Hagadone said…
Okay. The way I figure it, I took twice as long as you to update MY blog, but my post was twice AS LONG. You've taken half as long to update, but your post is half as long. That makes us even. Dammit. So here's you're quasi-friendly reminder (inspired by your own on my blog) to friggin' update. (ha! There's no escaping my steely logic!). Hope all's well. (boola boola).

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