my blood helps babies

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after a grueling week or so of writing essays and summarizing chapters and preparing to lead discussions and blah blah blah, i decided to do something worthwhile. i made an appointment online to donate some blood. i went in this afternoon and went through the whole rigamarole..

the nurse lady told me that since i'm type o negative, my blood will probably/can go to babies. even if it eventually ends up in some old dude, the thought that it just might help save a baby made me want to cry. at the blood donor place. (thanks to the six hours of sleep over the last two days with stress on top for good measure) it gave me a real sense of acccomplishment. like i was doing something. unlike the assignment i was up until two a.m. working on last night. i guess i need to find a better way to make things that i do worthwhile. heh.

but. just think about it. saving babies! i'm a hero. i want one of those magnetic ribbons for cars in my honor. now. do it.

so i'm almost done with the semester. i currently have three items (plus two finals) on my to do list. all due next week. this makes me happy. this makes me heave a sigh of relief. this makes me feel better about sitting on the couch watching Holes. (and let me just say that shia labeouf is my favorite young actor.)

well. i have nothing really of substance to say. i've got major neck/back pain from godknowswhat and i'm going to lay down now.

and i helped save babies today. woo.


Anonymous said…
oh the sense of self-accomplishment. i'm proud of you for saving babies. way to go you. e.
Zach Hagadone said…
I applaud your service to the American People. I have prepared this for you. God Bless You, Everyone.

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