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i'm not sure why i enjoy this picture so much. it's weirdly framed. er. whatever. i like it, though. sam is sitting in his strange way. he's my buddy, that sam. when i left the muc this last time i gave him a "chewie" (the best part about that particular link is it's a kind that sam has had, and it has a dog just like him for their and he wouldn't even eat it. usually it takes three seconds. he just put it down and gave me this look like he was mad at me for leaving. i could be reading a little into it, but.. i believe that's what happened.

i went to the mall today. i'm not sure why. i was driving to tower records (to cash in the last of my christmas gift card from my brother) and drove by the mall. and i stopped, parked and went inside. i walked through the whole thing. stopping mostly to look at shoes. i went into world of toys and looked at skateboard decks. i went into hot topic and looked at t-shirts and cds. i went into a few stores like claire's boutique and looked at cheap jewelry. i couldn't look at anything up close or for very long because i had my pupils dilated a short while before. it was a weird decision. i hate the mall, usually. but it was nice to go somewhere like that and just walk around. be sort of anonymous, i guess. chuckle to myself at the inane consumerism. hehe. watch people.

i left and went to tower records. where i proceeded to spend a good hour browsing. listening to the cds in the listening stations. i came away with three cds for thirty-five gift dollars. i'm happy. the new decemberists' album picaresque, lagwagon's live in a dive and a compliation from jade tree. overall, a good trip to the record store. i'm content. new driving music. every year when it gets warm, i get the urge to listen to punk rock. i'm not sure why, but i do. i went in thinking i'd buy an old bad religion album.but of course i got sidetracked and ended up with cds not including the original album i went into the store for. hrm.

anyway. that was my day. and my shopping experience. you're welcome.


Mike said…
What a great pal! Sam looks like a wonderful pooch. Wish him and Ampersand could meet.
Anonymous said…
"looks like" being the key words. he's a kleptomaniac with no respect for other people's shoes.. e.
Jennifer Q said…
I like the mall. There are only two in new york, but they are like the place I go where I'm not only anonymous, but the mall itself is so similar to any other mall, that the location itself is anonymous once inside.

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