the big one zero

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i think my pal cameron said it best: you know how much i totally encourage academics over socializing. i think a good healthy imbalance of nothing but academics and ditching of friends is the way to go and how to succeed in life..

hrm. we were supposed to have dinner on monday night.. but i called and cancelled on him because i had an exam due today.. and i was up until one o'clock doing it.. argh..

tonight it's nothing but homework as well. papers to write. and then i'm done with big assignments for the week. which. is encouraging.

and tomorrow night it's sushi with the brother and some other folks. hopefully i can wrastle cameron into coming as well. cash in the ol' raincheck, as they say.

that's it.

where... you know..


Cassie said…
Hi Sara, just want to say "Hi!" back since I haven't in awhile. You sound busy! I'm sure the lucky kiddos you teach will appreciate all your hard work. Hope you get some fun in too :)

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