.easter. and whatnot.

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easter weekend. where better to go when you need a short vacation and you have no money - than home. i spent a nice weekend at home with the folks.

my dad took down the christmas lights, after suggesting he turn them on for the holiday. he got a groan from ma and a chuckle from me. i didn't see the problem. we turned them on when jesus was born, why not when he died?

i got some sweet looking recipes from the ol' mother as well. i'm excited for the carrot cake, cheesecake, buttermilk brownies, bavarian beer cake etc etc etc.. i was given a spring form pan while at home and am looking forward to employing it.. it might be a small while before i attempt any of these.. we don't have some of the ingredients and i need some paychecks.. y'know how it goes..


i'm in between jobs at the moment. i have finally found another'ne to help pay the bills. i'll be "slinging joe" at a coffee counter at one of the local hospitals. making coffee. and smoothies. and whatever else. i start training this afternoon and had a chance to have lunch at home before i head over.. (i didn't actually think this was going to happen when i left this morning. so it's good news for me)

when in need, get a coffee job. that's what i always say.


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