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so. this is bothering me. my plant. the "heirloom" plant. it was sitting in my room. getting direct sunlight every day. and i think i overwatered it. it had a big yellow leaf - a symptom, i found online, that comes from overwatering. which i think could've happened. yes. overwatering.

but. i have this other plant. and i switched them. i put this heirloom plant in the living room where this other plant was, surviving and doing fine and everything. and the other plant started to wilt in my room. so. now i think my room might be too cold. or something. too much negative energy? i don't know. i'm guessing it's temperature, though.

so now i have two wilty plants. unhappy plants. and i'm not sure what to do to revive them. it's very sad. they're totally bringing me down, man.

in other news.

i'm not so busy. i don't have any huge projects due until friday. i have reading to do, i need to watch malcom x, and i have to practice playing the accompaniment/parts to a song i'm conducting in choral conducting/methods. and. that's about it. nothing to stress about. yet. not until thursday night, i guess.

i'm also planning a trip to boise this upcoming weekend. i'm pretty excited about it. i miss that place. there are so many places i want to eat! ha.



Anonymous said…
Hey...if you are going to Boise look up Barry. Number is 344-1204. I bet they would all like to see ya.
Anonymous said…
Oh...and that is one sad lookin plant.
~Bungalow Bill~ said…
Here's my suggestion. Get a new bag of soil. Dump out the plant and the soggy soil, then replant. I know the ancestor of that plant used to get knocked clear out of the pot, and lay on the floor in your grandmother's kitchen for days, and it still survived. Its got tough genes.
transplant said…
I agree with Bungalow Bill, my plant like that has survived a couple of moves (including a plane trip). Nothing can ever really kill them I think.

My plant got all droopy like that when I put it in the bathroom window. Even though it was warm in the bathroom, I think it was cold enough by the window to make it all droopy. (This was in the days of the 10 degree weather.) I don't think it was a humidity problem, because our bathroom doesn't hold a lot of moisture when we shower and stuff.

Mostly, I would just give it time and keep an eye on it. Mine ususually recovers from whatever I do wrong to it within a week or so.

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